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Welcome to Kafa’ah: Journal of Gender Studies.

Kafa’ah: Journal of Gender Studies (Print ISSN 2356-0894 Online ISSN 2356-0630) is an open-access and peer reviewed journal published by Center for Gender and Child Studies, Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Imam Bonjol Padang. This journal covers crosscuting issues on gender studies, in the perspectives of religion, education, law, politic, psychology, sosiology, anthropology, culture and Islam.  The objective of the journal is to promote the sharing of knowledge and understanding on the gender issues. It then welcomes contributions from experts, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers around the world. This journal publishes two issues per year.

Kafa'ah: Journal of Gender Studies has been indexed DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journal), Sinta (Science and Technology Index), Moraref (Ministry of Religious Affairs Reference), Google Scholar, Garuda (Garda Rujukan Digital), Mendeley, OAJI (Open Academic Journals Index), Dimensions



Vol 12, No 2 (2022)

Table of Contents

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